Olsen Twin....Hit or Miss

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Apr 23, 2006
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I saw this on people.com. What do yall think. Personally I'm tired of the baggy clothes and those shoes.........ugghh. Maybe it's just me and I'm too old to be cool but this outfit seems like it would make a good "say something nice" thread.

haha, definately a 'say something nice' thread!

wth is that? why does she encase her really quite banging body in such hideous things?

Geez....she always looks to me like she's a child dresing up in her mum's clothes - I guess it has something to do with the fact that she's tiny and always insists on wearing skyscraper shoes.

Haha this dress looks like those awful tissue box covers. Can you imagine what someone who weighed an ounce more than she does would like in this dress? If it makes her look pudgy in all the wrong places....

Eek lol, that dress is horrible, and those shoes too. Way too tall and chunky lol how does she walk in those...and why hot pink lol so unflattering. I dont like it.

lol! That's crazy!

I'm fascinated by the shoes, though. I don't really like them, but I keep staring at them! lol!


That outfit definitely belongs in the "say something nice" category. What's up with those shoes? Yuck...

Wow are you serious? Why on earth would someone where something like that and those shoes! Def miss. ICK!!!

Total MISS

She looks like she's 12 years old and playing with mommy's clothes, she looks really ridiculous. The dress isn't flatering at all.

The shoes are Giambattista Valli if you want to know.