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Nov 9, 2006
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okok.. just now... i was in the living room and i saw a cockroach.. than i went to the kitchen.. i saw the cockroach FOLLOWING ME!! then i went to the living room again! then the cockroach was there again! and then i decide to go slp.. it was on my arms!!! oh gross.. now i cant slpp... why the hell would it follow me?

I have no idea why it was following you! I've never heard of anything like that! Maybe you had on some hot, sexy perfume that it liked!

maybe he want you to feed him


open the door and put there a bred or something maybe he will get out

ewwwwwww cockroaches are like a nighmare, and don't even dare to kill them 'cos that's even more ewwwwwwwww lol

The same thing happened to me yesturday; a roach was crawling on my ceiling and every time I went somewhere else in the room it would follow me. It was very creepy. When he finally fell off the ceiling, I grabbed my motorcycle boot and killed him. I absolutely hate roaches! Thankfully, I have an exterminator coming on Tuesday.

Maybe he has a crush on you? I think you should have a "crush" on him and step on him! LOL!

i totally know how you feel. a cockroach is a biggie! i wouldnt touch it either. id just cry and hope someone will save me.


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