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Apr 26, 2007
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i just have to say i love love love..... MAC fluidlines!!!!

i finally got my fluidlines of MUT and im loving the staying power on the waterline and no irritation to my eyes or contacts!!! I just applied it with a kohl pencil!

thats my lil rant lol

Yes i love fluidlines!

I have blacktrack....waiting to get the brown one for work as i think the black is a bit too dramatic for work as i have blonde hair...great for weekends and i also use it as a base on my eyelids for smokey eyes! great stuff!

Love em! I have just one, in Blitz and Glitz. Slightly softer than Blacktrack with tiny bits of shimmer in it. Perfect.
I have dark hair so I need something darker on my eyes, but not as harsh as pure black.

I'll have to try applying it with a pencil, that's something new to me.

I can't get them to work on my waterline though, hmph. I'll search the boards for recommendations, but if anyone has any, do let me know.

Yeahh they are great. make sure you seal the lid tightly.. they dry out fairly easily if you dont