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Jul 27, 2006
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ok i have been more then jack broke .... so i was eckerds -soon to be RiteAid - and well anywho got into the MU of course. came across the new and pretty WnW display. so i needed foundation horribly bad. saw there Ultimate Cover foundation. ya'll forreal.... try it. it has skin tightening vitamens and whatever else... it was 2.99 HELLO.. it smells sorta clean,fruity, something else.. but it goes away after i finished applying the rest of my face. and strightup it covers like any other DS brand foundation... so i thought id let yall know about it!

thanks, im going to rite aid tomorrow to get some jessey's girl make up. i'll have to take your word on it and check that out !

WNW really is a great brand. I love their eyeshadow palettes, blushes and lipglosses. Everything is so pigmented. Thanks for the rec on the foundation.

Originally Posted by PhantomGoddess /img/forum/go_quote.gif You should totally write a review about it in the review section! Hi,
Definitely write a review about this experience. WnW does have a few good products.

Thanks for the rec! I'm going to check this out. any idea what color to try? I'm NC20....thnx again!!

i have all their foundations... all colors...they worked perfect for my last minute photoshoots

I used their bronzer in a shoot for Harper's Bazaar (China) and it looks great. When I told their Pr about it, they freaked.. It's the best matte warm bronzer I've ever seen. warm, golden, and no red or gray in it. Also looks great as a warming powder for dark/black skin... love it.


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