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Oct 20, 2012
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I'm not sure if any of y'all are familiar with Arbonne and their product line, but I tried their one word: AMAZING! It felt like silk on my face LOL! Some days I don't even make it past the primer, its just that good. I give it two perfectly-manicured thumbs up!!

I still wear my ELF primer because it is cheap and feels just like the expensive stuff and doesn't irritate my skin as most of them do.

Thats because it doesnt contain petrolatum (gasoline basically) or mineral oil. You're doing yourself a favor by using the product, I'm currently building my new makeup kit around the Arbonne line lol

Petrolatum and gasoline are not the same. They're both products of fractional distillation of crude oil but not the same, no more than glucose and fructose are the same (you can get both from the same fruit), or oleic and ricinoleic acid (you can fractionate both from castor oil), or fat and meat (you can get both from the same animal). It's very bad science to say they are the same.

Also mineral oil isn't harmful to the skin. Cosmetic grade mineral oil is noncomedogenic (see DiNardo, J.C. Is mineral oil comedogenic? J. Cosmet. Dermatol. 4, 2–3 (2005) if you have access to the Wiley online library. If you know someone in college they might have access to the database through their library). It is, in fact, beneficial even though it also has an unpleasant skin feel. Vaseline, in particular, is an excellent barrier agent but feels gross on the skin.

As for the primer, it feels very nice because it has a lot of emollients (the usual selection of silicones plus some very nice plant oils), occlusive agents that protect the skin from water loss and Silica, which is an anti caking agent. I'm quite impressed with the formula, in fact, it's very skin friendly with lots of emollients and humectants. It's certainly an improvement over straight-up silicone if your skin is not in tip-top shape.

Originally Posted by Dalylah /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I still wear my ELF primer because it is cheap and feels just like the expensive stuff and doesn't irritate my skin as most of them do.
I'm with ya....this is one area where ELF is just as good as the more expensive brands!

The ELF primer is amazing! I cannot tell the difference between it and the smashbox primer

wow ! i didnt know that ELF is this much famous...i was gonna say ELF also then i looked down everyone is talking about ELF...i also use the same and now it feels like i have the famous 1 LOL 

Well, like Turboweevel has already mentioned. Silicone based primers all have the same ingredient listings, that's why they all feel the same way on the skin. Creme-based primers do not, and I believe that most lines don't make this type of primer anymore.

I use the Photofinish from Smashbox.