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Oct 10, 2011
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^ in the current picture you can see how my hair has grown out from the previous blonde highlights. I have naturally coarse hair, and THICK. Longest it has been since I was 6 years old.  I have had mohawks, shaved my head, pixie cuts, you name it..i probably rocked it for a month or two.

I wear my hair constantly in a ponytail and I am now having hair issues.  I trim my hair monthly but now, it's summer in New Mexico (Dry, and even drier weather in Santa Fe) and my scalp is getting dry, the ends of my hair feel crunchy, and where my ponytail sits it itches. I don't even know where to start to take care of my hair.

I am a busy stay at home mom and I use dove for strengthing but I am also on a hair care budget. I intended to go all the way down to the top of my lower back and now I am at the middle of my back.

Help me to improve my hair texture and step me in the correct direction for long hair care.

May 24, 2006
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I've been conditioning with coconut oil since the fall. My hair is more managable, less breakage, shinier, etc.

Coconut oil should cost about $10 for a bottle about 2 cups worth. Maybe less in the US.

- and last several months.

I explained how to do a pre-poo in the thread: How to care for your hair after dying it.


I think that you have to take gentle care of your hair - consider washing your hair less and using a more moisturizing conditioner - put a few drops of coconut oil in your conditioner.

Maybe having hair in a loose bread rather than a pony.

Until there is more moisture in the air, put away the blowdryer and styling tools.

hope this helps

Jan 31, 2010
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I agree, coconut oil is great for dry hair. I also have dry hair and I use a homemade hot oil treatment...a combination of extra virgin olive oil mixed with coconut oil. Olive oil and coconut oil and both great for dry hair, dandruff and strengthening hair. Olive oil has antioxidants that can help to combat hair loss.

To make the treatment, I use equal parts and warm it for 15-30 seconds in the microwave. (Be sure to test it before using to make sure that its not too hot.) I apply the mixture throughout my hair with a comb, focusing on my ends. Then I put a plastic cap on and I let it sit for at least 30 minutes. This always helps my hair when its super dry.


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