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Jun 15, 2005
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Baby pink lip gloss, Japanese lip gloss, lip balm salve

Does anybody order anything from this page?I ordered some baby pink stuff and after over a month I did not recieve my package.I paid with Pay Pal -my payment was accepted but no package Yet.They said I should recieve my package after 14 days(international orders).I wrote 3 emails to the customer service but I did not recieve any answers.When I put my order number to track my order the page does not work.What should I do next?



Does Paypal have any rules/guidelines for using their service? Maybe they can assist you with other ways to contact this vendor. I dont' think they would want people using their service as a methold to steal money from others.

I heard of that website, I think they ship from Hongkong and you should be getting it at least two to three weeks after you order it though, weird.

Good luck and keep us posted!

that's not good.. let us know if you get your money back, they should have at least have responded to your emails! good luck!

Thanks Girls

Yesterday I almost wrote email to Pay Pal....but when I came back home from work there was a note from the post office waiting in my mail box(looks like it was registered package).I hope is that package I ordered from onatoko because i didn't order anything else lately.We will see

Yay I think that's the package! It should be and I'm sure of it.


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