Ootd 11-14-2007

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Jun 1, 2007
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Ok its really OOTM (outfit of the morning) 1:30 am lol And dang is it hard to type with long nails..... and since I was doing the FOTD thought I might as well show you my outfit...

Brown, long sleve knit mini-dress by Belldini... Bought at TJ Maxx last winter... Zipper up the front and zippers on the sleves.... Brown leather Liz Claiborne boots.... Value City last year on clearence of coarse..... lol



And a shot of me surfing MUT on my laptop....


Originally Posted by KellyB /img/forum/go_quote.gif You look fabulous. I love the boots. Thanks!! I love those too!! Found them at Value City and when I was checking out (in male mode) the lady behind me said "Where did you find those?" Back on top of the size 11 rack.... and they are the last pair.... She said "Awww... Darn, they look great" Yeah, I said, and the they fit like a glove.... She smiled and I checked out!! I love boots... Have a sweet pair of black Nine West calf high boots.....
You have great legs! *jealous*
you always look fab! Lol at the nails and it being hard to type - try using the telephone/cellphone! That's worse hehe.

I was thinking the same thing about your great legs!!
That's a very classy outfit and I like how you matched your makeup and jewelry.

Not only do you look amazing, I am seriously loving those boots! I really miss Value City and Pennsylvania at times!

Wow Karren you look great.....I am loving loving loving the whole look!!! Love the hair!!!

Thanks all.... No one is getting my boots btw!!! lol They fit so nice...

ok karren, i sent you the necklaces, you will love them...send me the boots as thanks? hows that LOL ok i tried

why do you have hotter legs than me? not fair. and once again, i LOVE the shorter hair on you it is perfect for your face

Am I the only one that doesn't believe she's really a he! Dang, you're hotter than me! LOL


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