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Mar 29, 2006
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So I was in Theatre Kelowna's production of Aladdin, it was so much fun and i miss it already!! But we are having a little post production after party this afternoon.. I'm actually in the middle of making a mac&cheese casserole..

So I figured I'd wear a black dress with my swarovski crystal bra straps

Attachment 37632

Attachment 37633

you look totally hot! nothing like some crystal bra straps to glam up an outfit
And now I'm hungry for mac and cheese lol!

aww its really pretty!!

Does kelowna have lots of snow like osoyoos right now??? Theres so much down here, its insane!

Thanks you guys!

It was lots of fun!

Yeah it started snowing here about a week ago.. and then we had another snowfall last night.. It makes the world look all pretty though

Very nice! I LOVE the crystal straps! I want some.. where can I get something like them?

Denise I love that dress, it is so gorgeous on your figure!


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