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Feb 18, 2007
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Im backk. I was feeling good today so I decided to post. People have been treating me better today, (holding doors, jealous stares, flattering stares, random talking) go figure..guys always treat me better here when im dressed up ive noticed..they always go out of their way to hold the door (even if it means waiting 20 seconds..I swear that happened the other week!) When im not dressed up I get nada. One guy was staring at me forever, and we were in line at the food place, and he let me cut him..even after I insisted 2 times he go first, just to stare and say 'you look good' in a very come-on kind of way. Haha.

Anyways..here it is




It's actuall a very bright fushia..not dull like in the pictures (along with my lips and cheeks)

I think that oufit is very feminine...no wonder you got so much attention! You look great!

You have such a great style Minders!! I love that outfit!! You look like a 50's Sweater Girl.

Mindy you look hot! You have such fabulous fashion sense, love love love the skirt and shoes

Minnie I love this outfit. You look great dressed feminine cause you got the figure for it!

You look so great. Love the skirt. I want one to wear to work.

Where did you get it from?

I love it that Manders is calling you Minders, too cute.

you look gorgeous minds! no wonder all the guys were swooning, you always look very professional and sexy

Thanks everyone!!

Bexy I love it too..I feel like her little sister or something haha

I love my nicknames on here, I also love Andi calling me Minnie now!!

And Minds from rosie

Girl i had no idea your boobies were so big! serio! lookin good, girlfriend!


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