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Mar 3, 2007
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I really like their mosaic compacts ( blush & bronzers ). I like the baked eye shadows. (I have the trio in browns.) It seems to be quite pigmented. I have heard mixed reviews on their mineral make-up though, any thoughts? I havent tried it yet.

They also have a new "anti-age" foundation that apparently covers fine lines within 10 minutes of application. I'm curious!

Never tried any of their foundations. I tried a couple of the blushes/bronzers and they were okay, but honestly I like my bonnebell bronzer just as well. As for the baked e/s I actually had an opposite reaction. My mom bought me the trio with the lavender/brownish colors can't remember what the other one was. I really didn't get much pigmentation out of them when I tried them, and all the lil orbs of shadow completely broke off before I even got the thing home. Bless my mom's heart she was so excited to buy me makeup, I still tell her I love it. Anyway, I haven't tried enough of their products to truly say what I think of it, but from what I've tried I'm not a fan. And for being such an expensive drugstore brand, so far I don't think it's worth it.

I've tried quite a few things from them. The baked shadows are really pigmented (they look metallic when applied wet). As far as foundations, it's kind of hit or miss with them. Good luck, though!

I have their "Vegas Lights" bronzing strip for lighter skin tones, and I really like it. It's not too over powering and adds just the right amount of highlight and color. It also doubles up really well as nice eyeshadow colors.

I use a concearler of theirs. I like it alot. I bought a few others to try but none were as good.

I like the highlighting powders and also the mineral foundation. It's not the best ever, but when used over tinted moisturizer it gives me an airbrushed look.

I bought a bunch of the blushes/bronzers and I thought they were HORRIBLE. I felt like they didn't stay on long enough. The concealer was ok, although I wouldn't use it again. Also tried their liquid eyeliner, which was also horrible because of the "brush." I would disagree about their shadows being pigmented. I tried some, and personally I think their shadows & powders are not pigmented enough, I think thats why it appears to come off quickly.

I have used Bare Essentials and Physicians Formula and I think PF is better than BE. BE makes my face shiny even with mineral veil. PF keeps my skin looking good and doesn't break me out.

I love their bronzers! I also like the concealer cubes & the baked e/s. I haven't tried the foundations, but I have come to the conclusion that d/s MMU isn't that great.

Thanks for your input. I wish someone had tried the 10 minutes line erasing foundation though!


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