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Feb 17, 2004
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Not including color, what do you think of this dress? It is called Shap FX, meaning that it is supposed to flatter your figure. I wonder if it would look good on? I'd like to buy one in a cream color, but am unsure. Can a petite (shortish) woman pull this off? Opinions?


I will be totally honest with you and tell you that I do not like it. Not sure what it does for your figure but I think its just ugly. If you are petite I'm sure you dont need much to flatter your body. I think I've heard of Shape FX in bathing suits as well.

Eeeeeeeehhh no. I think the style of the dress will overpower a petite frame, plus it's kinda 80's to me. Sorry!

I think the dress would flatter a person who is tall and slender. It may make a shorter person look shorter than they actually are.

i do not care for it at all. im sorry.
i agree that it would overpower a petite frame. honestly, i dont think the model looks that great in it. if she cant wear it, we mere mortals have no hope whatsoever!

i think separates would be best for a petite frame.

Ha! I LOVE the honesty. Your opinions have really helped me on this one. Some of my initial thoughts were in agreement. I soooooooooo appreciate this great, honest feedback.

Ty guys! xo



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