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That happened to me too when I tried to go light brown. Usually for darker haired people to go light it's a very gradual process done by a professional otherwise it'll turn out red/orange. All I can suggest for now is do a LOT of deep conditioning treatments/masks, use TONS of conditioner, leave in treatments etc and then dye your hair back a darker brown in a few days but not right away, it'll just damage it more.

Thank u! Im doing the deep conditioning right now and will continue doing it for the rest of the week. Its the scariest thing when you watch your hair breaking of in your hands! Can you maybe recommend a colour and brand that you used that worked? I have tried Loreal Sublime Mousse as well as Garnier and both havent worked. Any suggestions will be appreciated! Right now I'm not to concerned about getting my desired shade I just want to cover the orange up. Thanks again:)

Just to cover up the orange I would probably suggest a light/medium cool brown from L'oreal Healthy Look Nice n Easy is also a good brand for a cheap, temporary fix. I'm surprised Garnier didn't work, that's one of my favorites. I'd definitely suggest to try the L'Oreal Healthy Look first and see how that work but most definitely keep conditioning. I used to put a huge amount of conditioner in my hair, tie it up and then put a shower cap after it and sit in a warm bath. The heat really helped the conditioner penetrate the hair and improved the quality considerably after about 30/45 min soak. Also, you can try the conditioner in your hair with a shower cap on over night, just sleep with a towel on your pillow.

Thank u so much! U have been really helpful! I havent seen the Loreal Healthy Look here in the Oz stores, but I'll go looking as soon as I'm brave enough to leave the house again :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Thanks for the conditioning tip... I honestly did not think to cover my hair up:eek: Once again thanks:D


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