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Jul 22, 2007
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ive been searching for ages but i cant seem to find a matte mineral based orange or red e/s.

i tried fyrinnae -i love their colours-but their red and orange just arent right for what i want

by red im talking proper blood red gothic like

and orange like the fruit orange/dark pumpkin orange

please help??

miy? check the blushes?

sorry I can't be of more help - I can't do reds/oranges on my eyes - I look like I've been crying my eyes out.

hmm i checked sweetscents-i noticed a red and a good orange..but theres no sample size tht i can see??

Originally Posted by taz1979 /img/forum/go_quote.gif aromaliegh dont ship internationally... Oh I didn't even check your location

MAD minerals? Not sure if they do or not but I have some of their red and orange colors

hey thanx for that-was big help

tbh today i tried my fyrinnae red hot wet and it looked better...

tho that pureluxe has a great red and pretty cheap

i noticed you mention madminerals..i saw their bright pigment colour range of e/s noticed a red and orange in it any good???

I personally like MAD Minerals, I've only gotten one order from them though because I keep blowing it on everything else! :X But their colors really lasted on me, and applied wet looked really vibrant and beautiful
So I definitely would check them out if I were you
I plan on ordering again, once I get...well, more money!

did you get the xtreme pigments from madminerals?

i think theyre $8.00 at moment

they look good

No, but I was looking at them!! I really want to try the rainbow pigments, too...I get paid on Tuesday so I will probably pick some of them up depending on what else catches my eye.
My to-buy mineral list is about $300 at the moment lol

I know you started this thread a while back, but I have only just read it. Have you tried the Manic Panic line? The colors are very vibrant and I know they have an awesome red, cos I have one myself!!


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