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May 28, 2004
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I picked this up at the Origins store today! Maybe after I use it for a few weeks I'll write an official review, but now I just want to give everyone my first impressions on this powder.

What Origins claims it'll do for your face:

"Sheer finishing powder for every skin. You want it all. A face that looks flawless. Skin that looks simply sensational. Makeup that makes you look like you're not wearing makeup. Now, whether your skin is dark, light, or somewhere in between, you can have it all! This miraculous mix of magical minerals and perfecting pigments self adjusts to match your skin tone. Light-reflecting Mica masks skin discolorations. And silky Silica smooths little lines for a faultless finish every time."

What I've experienced:

This is a very fine talc-free, oil-free powder that is neutral, light-beige in color. When applied to my slightly shiny skin, the powder disappeared without leaving the slightest powdery finish. It also didn't seem to add color, but I tested the powder against white paper and some beige color deposited. What makes this powder different (not necessarily better) from other translucent powders is that this:

1. does not leave a powdery finish on *Caucasian skin.

2. has a matte finish that does a decent job blotting oil. More than other regular translucent powders I've used, including T.LeClerc. I found my face feeling slightly tight for the first hour after applying this powder and it's subdued my shine for four hours so far.

3. is, again, talc free. The main ingredient is silica.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a mattified face, is *medium to fair in skintone and is combo/oily/normal to possibly normal/dry. It may become ashy on deeper skintones, as well as too drying for truly dry skin and not enough oil control for very oily skins. I can't speak from experience for those conditions but I just have enough horse's sense to leave that disclaimer!

Thank you KittySkyfish for this detailed review on this powder. I've been wondering about it since I read about it on Origin's website and just wasn't sure whether it would really work. I've never tried any Origins products but a lot of them sound interesting.

Thanks Reija! You post reminded me to do a follow-up on All and Nothing since I've been using it a few weeks. Overall, I think this is an excellent powder. The first week of usage I switched between this and Becca loose powders, trying to figure out which I liked better. Both gave me a beautiful finish, but my face with Origins All and Nothing looked like I was wearing less makeup. I was wrong in my comment that this would not work for drier skins. I gave my dry skinned mom a jar of this and she's loving it, too. I realized I put too much on the first day and the overusage made my skin feel tight and dry. Ooops! So, my Becca powders are put in the makeup storage bin for future use. I don't consider All and Nothing to be "better" than my Becca powders. I'm just enjoying Origins' more natural finish right now. Becca will probably be pulled back into the spotlight when I do my fall faces!


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