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Jul 12, 2007
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i have almost only found threads about the face-scrub. how about the body scrub? anyone loving this stuff? im going to buy this on friday and want to know if anyone thinks its good on here before purchasing.

woohoo getting paid on friday.. im gonna get some really good stuff

I haven't tried it for the face or body. I might now though! lol...

Also, I'm going to move this to the Bath, Body, Fangrance and Beauty in General forum.

the best/cheapest body scrub is the st. ives apricot scrub.

sure its used for face, but it works so so so well for a body scrub.

aaah thanks!

ive read alot of good things bout the st. ives apricot body scrub. but i dont think we have st. ives where i live :S (Denmark)

i think that ALOT of body scrubs are really bad. you can get soo good scrubs/exfoliants/dermabrations for the face. but not so many good for the body. often it only scratches your skin instead of polishing it smooth. you know with alot of these you can still scrub dead skincells off your skin with your hands after the shower. i want one that really dermabrates my skin on the body too ! im actually also just considering to use a face scrub for the body, but thats gonna bee too expensive in the long run. (i use alot on one time)

for the face i use estee lauder idealist micro-D wich is soo great. but it would be waay to expensive to use on the body

woohoo im SO loving this stuff !

i soo glad i researched for good body-scrubs on the net, because this scrub is THE BEST. i was amazed at how smooth and silky my body was after using the scrub. it really works wonders! the greatest thing is, my boyfriend even noticed the difference! i have really smooth skin normally, but after using this he actually asked me himself if i used something new on my skin because it was so smooth. im so happy about this product! gotta rave to you about it haha.

I love ORIGINS products soooo much

I would say...for me origins modern friction for body is goo... I have it in my bathroom

I have Origin Modern Frictions for the face.But everytime I use it, the next day my face willl break out into tiny tiny bumpz..dunno y..this happen with all the scrubs!!


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