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Jul 12, 2006
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i just bought this few days ago, and it's amazing it's been 2 1/2 days since i shampooed, my hair it's still not oily, and i have oily hair, i mean it's so oily that i have to wash it everyday, i've used baby powder all this this years and it only helped me for few hours and it'll be oily again, but this one it's amazing, and my scalp smells fresh too.

i've been looking for somthing like that! just cus some times theres just no time to wash your hair

Originally Posted by kisska3000 /img/forum/go_quote.gif maybe i should look for this stuff and try it out also its at sephora, and you can get the "travel size" for like $9.thats what i did, cuase i wanted to try it out and didnt want to spend the like $19 on the full size.

Cool. I'm sure I'd have to order it online from Sephora as well because I dont recall seeing it here.

i read it on a magazine that has article about french women, that they don't wash their hair everytime, they use this, so i figure i give it a try.

I've been having a very torrid affair with this product.

I'm a very unnatual blonde and I find washing my hair everyday leaves it looking fried and frizzy, but when I don't wash it after a day or two it looks really oily. A friend recommended it to me and I fell in love.


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