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Nov 6, 2006
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I bought this shirt to wear out to eat for my birthday[we are going tomorrow]. What color tank would look good under it. When you put it on its reallllly low. I have dark blue deep red black & white. And would it look good with jeans and heels. Because I dont have dress pants/slacks that fit anymore.

I think deep red would look gorgeous in contrast with the black. I have a similar shirt and it looks good with jeans.

Oh and Happy early Birthday! lol

Im with everybody here, Id pick the red or second choice, the white. And I think it will look beautiful with jeans and heels, especially a darker wash jean, classier
. Have fun and happy early birthday!!

Ill probably do red because my white tank is dirty and im too lazy to wash one shirt.

Thanks everyone.

Originally Posted by makeupwhore54 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Thanks. I ended up with the black shirt red tank really dark vintage-like jeans and black heels. Great choice!
Sounds awesome.

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