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Dec 28, 2006
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Today the mark holiday products became available for reps and I had to restrain myself, I would have loved to buy one of each of the gift sets, but I was reasonable.

What I bought:

- Candy Stripes lipgloss in Candied Apple and Candied Apricot

- Rollerball perfume giftset (Bohista, Karmala, and Sassy)

- Glamour To Go giftset (includes cosmetics bag, Flip For It, LE brush set, and mascara I think)

- mark jewelry box (100% proceeds benefit breast cancer awareness)

- Black pelated top (so cute!)

THEN I went and did some MAC pro shopping:

- Blush palette

- E/S 15-pan palette

- Shroom pro pan

- Noctournelle pro pan

- Sculpting powder in Sculpt

- Shaping powder in Accentuate

I'll post some pics at home tonight or at work tomorrow

Ooo... I want a blush palette! Are you going to buy the pro blushes... or depot yours? I never depotted the blushes.

Nice haul! Enjoy!

can't wait to see the pics!

i want to check out the cynthia rowley line. the packaging is super cute!



you desrave it

Ive got one of those blush pans and I really like it, it makes things much more organized! Love the stuff you bought!!!