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mmmyes. and i wore it at work yesterday because the tester of escada rockin rio is empty. it smells similar to escadas limited edition summer scents. its not complicated or interesting, but its summery and pleasant. lots of pineapple and tropical fruits, and its reasonably priced.

Might have to take a look and a smell next time im out

I got to try it cause the last time I was at Ultra they were giving out

samples and to be honest I like it, its light not too heavy great for daytime

wear and it wasn't at what I thought it would be like. The only thing I didn't

like was it doesn't stay on long but that might just be me.

It just reminds me of summertime, just very soft and pretty.

Originally Posted by Sarah84 Might have to take a look and a smell next time im out
i think youd definitly like it, trisha. i think is funny that its decribed as chic, because in paris's jane magazine makeunder, she described her style as "sheik." perhaps shes a middle eastern oil baron as well as an internationally known socialite. whatever you think of her, the perfume still smells good. lol.

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The sparkling signature of this scent personifies its creator. Chic enough to be worn to the hottest clubs, it also possesses a feminine, flirtatious charm. And for those who want to leave nothing to chance, a "secret" ingredient has been blended into this magic potion - one that's guaranteed to enhance the wearer's allure. Notes:

Frozen Apple, Peach Nectar, Wet Ozone, Sparkling Muguet, Freesia, Mimosa, Jasmine, Tuberose, Skin Musk, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Oakmoss, Pheromone.


Chic. Sexy. Mysterious.

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i sprayed this at home then when i was at macy's sprayed some more on, it smells greattt.

Got it on tuesday and love it:icon_love , glad I read this thread and it was recommended otherwise I probably would have missed out on a nice fragrance

it was ok but i would rather spend my money on something better

I heard her first perfume (Paris Hilton) was absolutely heavenly, although I never smelled it myself. I haven't heard anything positive or negative on her second perfume (Just Me).

I really loved it but I found the scent didnt stay long on my skin! Disappointed because the smell really is lovely!

It sounds like something I'd like, but I just can't bring myself to buy anything with her name on it.

so far i know and own only one-just me it similar to Miracle , but im very curious about ,,heiress"