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Jan 4, 2012
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I'm taking a make up artistry course, and I have a daily job, sometimes it lags. I'm a nurse, I audit charts. I sometimes travel (which I'd not have to do if I had a part time job.) I'm 50, but look much younger, keep up my hair and eyelashes, and actually  get carded sometimes. I was at Ulta the  other day, and the woman who waited on me certainly appeared much older than me,and I could tell had no idea about make up. But I love make up, both the prestige brands, and the drugstore brands.I love applying make up on people. I want to work with pageants when I am finished with my make up artistry course. I probably missed my calling,and should've gotten an esthetician's license. 

But all of that is in the past. I considered Sephora's, but the women who work there look like models, and I don't look like a model, even though I try, lol. so,I'm considering part time at Ulta. I love Ulta. I shop there enough, so alot of my income goes to that store. 

So, does anyone work at Ulta? There's an opening for a "task" person. I'm not sure I want a cashier job. I don't like math. I wonder if I could be a "task" person part time? heck, it might go into  full time, but I doubt it'd make what I make per hour now. But when my regular job lags, that is when I need the part time job the most. 

Am I too old to work at Ulta? Rather, I guess that doesn't matter. I would love to work at Ulta. Do you learn make up skills there?

No! You are not too old to work at Ulta! I don't know if they learn makeup skills though because every time I went there, the staff wasn't very helpful (exception: the salon people were knowledgeable about hair stuff) as opposed to Sephora, where there's usually at least one person who can help me with my asinine requests.

You're also not too old to go and get your esthetician license if that's what you want to do.

Go for your dream, I hope you have lots of good luck!

Yup you are absolutley not TOO OLD for anything. This could be your part time fun job. I love Sephora but find it can be way overwhelming and if I had a choice of where to work it would be Ulta, they seem much more relaxed and the lighting is better. I think this would be a great place to start and I think just being in the cosmetic realm you will learn new skills and make contacts.  Also you will find that women will gravitate to you because you are older. For example when I get my face done at MAC I insist that the assitant manager, who is 45, be my artist as I do not want to look like a drag queen and she gets that a 42 year old is not trying to look like a 22 year old.  GO FOR IT-JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! 

Atleast Ulta part time would pay for my eyelash addiction. When you're older and can afford something, you don't even doubt you want them, you just do it. But it would pay for other things too. Plus, I love that store.

You just inspired me! I moved to a new area recently and am having a hard time making friends, all of my coworkers are older  than me and married, so I'm applying at Ulta! 

Did you ever end up working at Ulta?

Does anyone here work at Ulta? I'd like to know what it's like, I wan't to work there eventually.


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