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Nov 29, 2004
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I currently use Matrix Sleek Look shampoo, conditioner, and L'oreal smooth and sleek (or something like that) hair serum along with a straightening product to striaghten my hair.

I got my hair cut and highlighted the other day and they used Paul Mitchell Super Skinny shampoo, condiitoner, and serum and also PM Spray Wax. I love how my hair looks and feels! It has stayed straight and super soft and smooth even after working out with it pulled back in a bun. Amazing results! But I'm wondering if it's the products or just that she did a better job of getting it straight then I do.

Has anyone tried both lines and if so, any suggestions? I don't wanna buy the PM products if the results will be the same as with what I use now!



Bonnie, I tend to think that any product--regardless of line--will help achieve a straight look, but ONLY if combined w/blow-drying & possibly a flat iron. My hair is naturally wavy & whenver I use a serum, anti-frizz, or leave-in conditioner & blow-dry, my hair become a lot smoother & straighter.

Bottom line, don't buy the products your stylist used until you finish what you've got. Experiment w/large round brushes & large velcro rollers to see if you can replicate what she did before investing in more stuff.

Honestly Bonnie, the PM super skinny is just as good as the Matrix sleek.look - I have both, and really dont' see much difference.
A lot has to do with the blowdrying & brushes... and a good smoothing cream.
Thanks girls! I guess I'll save my money and work on perfecting my straightening technique!


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