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Oct 22, 2003
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Huntington Beach, CA
I just got one of these and I love it!! It costs $5

It's adds security to your paypal account:


Why should I use the PayPal Security Key?

Because it gives you an extra layer of security when you log in to your PayPal or eBay account. Most websites keep your online account safe by only asking for your user name and password to verify your identity. The PayPal Security Key gives you an additional security code that only you know about. That makes your account more resistant to intrusion. Plus, the Security Key's easy to use.

What exactly is the Security Key?

It's a small electronic device that generates a unique security code for your account about every 30 seconds. You use that code to access your account, and to help prevent people that you don't know from doing the same. It's like a combination lock for your account, except that the combination always changes.

Anyone else get one yet?

I am a big proponent of PayPal. It's very secure and easy. People who have the idea that it's not safe/secure simple don't understand PayPal.

I didn't know about this, but I'll have to look into it. I had a friend who did everything the right way get ripped off about 3 years ago using paypal and he wound up having to pay about $2000 in bank fees and such.

I just ordered one of these!! I changed bank accounts on my PP and figured I should start off right!

Hmm, definitely something to look into. I've had paypal for 6+ yrs now and everything has always been safe and secure for me

Yes! I got my key! This is how I accept payment for a lot of things so every penny I spend in added security is usually worth it!

Sounds very helpful...I'll need to check it out! But, as always, being smart and observant during all your internet activities is the best security you can have!

I got an email on this. I was thinking about getting it.

Thanks for the review Tony. I just might go ahead and get it.

Thanks for posting this information Tony.
I use and like PayPal. I plan on ordering this device.


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