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Aug 23, 2007
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I don't bite my nails and I believe I take good care of them. They've become so fragile and won't stop peeling which makes them look really crappy. I usually cover it up with nail polish but that just seems to make them look really ragged and peel more.

Any ideas to stop the peeling?

buffer your nails to remove the dead skin (our nail is a skin too). My nails get like this too. I am taking biotin and Borage oil to help it. so far so good. but buffering the top will smoothen it out. dont forget to oil your nails while using nail polish remover because i find that it tends to dry out your nails.

I have the exact problem that you do. It seems like it gets worse after you take the nail polish off so when I read to buff the nails if that happens thats what I do. It does work.

I have this problem too Ill try buffing, ive only been wearing clear polish fiull time over the last year and that's when this problem started.

sometimes my tips are peeling. i remove everything peeling, then moisturize, apply oil and won't apply anything else on my nails for a while. i've noticed it has been happening since i've been using OPI start to finish.

nail polish protects your nails for sure, but it doesn't do any good if your nail hasn't healed first.

There is the nail strengthener in the Natural Vitamin Stores called "Hair, Skin, and Nails. It helped me. Cheap too!!


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