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Nov 26, 2007
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Lately I've been tempted to splurge on some fantastic fragrance--something I can wear every day. I'm not exactly sure where to turn, though. I'm looking for something not too sweet, nor too cloying. Something a bit on the lighter side. Nothing too fruity, though--fruity, sugary-sweet scents annoy me! Also, staying power is important. I've tried and liked, for example, Bvgari's Omnia Crystalline, but the staying power was very poor.


My everyday fragrance is from the Victoria's Secret Garden Collection; they're great because there are a lot of choices and most of them are sweet, sexy, and/or fruity without being too musky or overpowering. Plus, they're pretty inexpensive. Might be a good place to start...

Philosophy Amazing Grace or Falling in Love. Burberry Tender Touch is awesome too.

Has anybody smelled the new Victoria Secret fragrance Sexual Secret!! Woo-hoo it does it all. It is in the back of the new catalolg and you have to order it--think I will....hope i don't get pregnant at 56. LOL--OMG.

I just got Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely & it smells so pretty. Nice & light, not too overpowering & the scent really lasts.


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