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Dec 20, 2006
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I have two stashes one in my dorm room and another at my actual house. I hav'nt been there in a few months, so I'll try posting it asap. Meanwwhile here's my dorm stash, it's not much compared to some of you and as you can see I'm not realy into bright bright colors, so it might not be that colorful. I'm also big on drugstore stuff, cause that's really all I can afford.

All my face products, just the basics as you can see.


Mascaras, liners, and removers, I'm obsessed with WNW mascara.


My shadow collection


lipliners, balms, and lipsticks


My gloss collection, I'm still on the search for an HG nude and peach shade


that's a really nice stash. I think I've got some of your shadows at home, or I've covetted them! I love a really sexy, professional looking neutral eye.

I can't imagine having to keep stuff at home AND in a dorm, I'd just take my big makeup box to whichever house I was staying in LOL

Now i forgot who it's by but how's that palette that kinda looks like bubbles? lol I seen the other ones at the store and was curious.

Nice stash! Don't worry about having drugstore stuff! I think Milani is very close to being my favorite e/s and it's cheap! If it works, who cares?!


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