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Apr 9, 2007
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Has anyone tried this product by Physician's formula? I have it and it works pretty well. It stays put all day, and seems to be waterproof. I just think that black is too harsh for my pale skin color, or maybe the liner looks awkward on me because I don't know how to apply it yet. That or maybe it doesn't look well without fancy eyeshadow, because I usually just wear one color.

I've seen those before and have been interested in trying them, but I already have so many liquid eyeliners that I don't really have a need for it. lol.

I haven't tryed the PF one but, I have tryed others like covergirl or maybelline and I really liked it. I recently bought some liquid eyeliner that is soposta be waterproof and not flake, and it does what it's no so post to. so, I'm looking for a new one.


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