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Aug 6, 2005
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Would you use the shower gels for hair as they suggest? Do you think their conditioner is any good?

my mom and i love philosophy. she just got a 3 pack of the shampoo, bubblebath, shower gel (all in one). I have tried the lemon sorbet, and i think it's called sugar. I have a ton of blonde highlights, and i actually liked the 3 in one as a shampoo!! my hair was nice and shiny, soft, and manageable. it doesn't say if it's safe for color treated hair, but sure why not?!!! This stuff smells great!!! i have also tried it's all in your head shampoo, and i liked it. i tried a conditioner, but i forgot what its called. i actually have liked their hair products. but i always have to switch up, my hair even gets tired of the super expensive stuff, b/c my hair is really long and a pain in the @$% sometimes.

Hiya Gems! I'm only familiar with their perfume, so I can't really help you out with the hair end... but as long as it isn't a harsh shampoo or a clarifier, you should be ok..