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Apr 12, 2007
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Sorry, if there was another post for this already, I did not see it...

Okay, so I am a dedicated Colorstay user because of its coverage and lasting power but it makes me look so dull! So anyways, I used to use MMU but it would come of or chnage color by afternoon and so I quit it, and when I stoped liking the dull, flat, matte look of colorstay I decided I wanted some MMU with a better finish than BE but with its sheen to bring some radiance back into my face. So I went out and tried anything I could think of and everything I ran into and finaly I tried this foundation @ Sephora, the lighting there is horrible but I liked how it looked and its claim on the side of the box "Your search for the perfect foundation ends here" got me good.... anyway I took it home (its about $35) I tied it on over colorstay and WOW
I absolutely adored it!!! It looked beautiful!!!!! My skin looked flawless (and I have bad scarring) and it had a beautifull glow, (not sparkle which I hate) !!!!!So I was so exited about it this morning and I was curios as to how it looked without the colorstay underneath and well, was just well, okay i guess, just was not the same, nothing special, .... it comes in the same dispenser sponge-style as Urban Decay MMU which I thought was nice, and you can also open it to use with a regular Kabuki. Well, I guess I was kind of disapointed when I tried it alone, but then I remembered that I forgot to put on Moisterizer this morning! which I know can make a big difference. But I must say its is nicley finely milled, gives a stunning glow, and is the dipensing style is very convinient in my opinion. I will give it another try alone today, I know I wanted it over my Colorstay initially anyway, but now I'm curios as to how it could work out alone. SO.... after my long story, which hopefully most of you got to this part I would like to know if anyone has tried it and what you think. Thanks!

I have tried it. It looked chalky on me. I like Monave and Alima better than Philosophy.

Glad you liked it. I tried it at sephora but thought it looked to chalky on my skin, plus they only have a few shades and none of them matched me well.


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