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Feb 12, 2005
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He may be sitting idle on the bench for team LA Galaxy due to an ankle injury - but David Beckham is still very much active in the commercial arena as the handsome face of a mobile phone campaign.Beckham was photographed barechested with just a Motorola RAZR2 phone hanging around his neck.

The advert revealed his intricate body art, muscular physique and fashionably hair-free chest. In other pictures, a lean Becks strikes a Bond-like pose wearing a black tuxedo, and white open necked shirt.

It comes as no surprise that Beckham is a sex symbol to his legion of female fans, but his enviable physique drew praise from an unexpected quarter. Chatshow host Michael Parkinson admitted only one sight has left him truly speechless — the vision of David Beckham standing at his dressing room door clad in nothing but a pair of underpants.

The 72-year-old icon, affectionately known to millions simply as Parky, explained: "The second time I interviewed David I had a dressing room next door to him." The Yorkshire-born telly host told The Sun: "The showers weren't working properly and he came round just in his pants and knocked on my door."

"He's got a great body — he's very lean. He's standing there looking like an archangel and says, 'Can I use your shower?'" He recalled: "David got out of my shower, put the towel around his waist and walked out to his dressing room just as a secretary passed by carrying an armful of files.

"She saw the most famous man in Britain standing in a towel and went, 'Oh!' and all the papers went flying." Fans of show Desperate Housewives were disappointed when rumours that Becks would be joining the cast of the hit show appeared to be unfounded.

Rumours circulated that the footballer would play one half of a gay couple alongside British pop star Robbie Williams. Posh's pal, actress Eva Longoria, who plays housewife Gabrielle Solis, said she spoke to Victoria who finally put paid to the rumour.

She told US TV show Extra: "She was laughing. David had a good laugh out of it. They're not coming on the show." So Beckham fans will have to be content with his football appearances - whenever he gets off the bench.


All I gotta say is yum!

I second that emotion! But he is very yummy!

Originally Posted by adrianavanessa /img/forum/go_quote.gif Cute, but I'd choose Paul Walker over him.
Originally Posted by Aquilah /img/forum/go_quote.gif This man just oozes sex appeal IMHO... So hot! mmmm hmmmm!
Originally Posted by Retro-Violet /img/forum/go_quote.gif i still dont get the whole hype about him and his family.but maybe thats just me.

What ?!?
That boy has HOTNESS in every inch of his body! (He's one of the few men I would say this about.)

Originally Posted by Aquilah /img/forum/go_quote.gif This man just oozes sex appeal IMHO... So hot!

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