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Mar 2, 2005
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Has anyone ordered from I just came across the site today and found a few things I'd like to get, but was just wondering how reliable they are. Anyone know or heard of them?

I haven't ordered anything from them, but I've heard mixed reviews about them.

Here's a code for 10%-off sale items: toutie


Never heard of it .. but I just went on it - and they have really cute bags!!!

Love the color of this... and the handle! But I have enough bags! LOL

I've seen a brand called Kathy Van Zeeland who makes knockoffs similar to Marc Jacobs & Kooba. Perhaps she has a KO of the Daniella? Lemme check....
Originally Posted by keaLoha I've seen a brand called Kathy Van Zeeland who makes knockoffs similar to Marc Jacobs & Kooba. Perhaps she has a KO of the Daniella? Lemme check.... I have a Kathy Van Zeeland bag I got awhile ago... really nice! Don't know if it's supposed to look like an expensive bag or not, I just thought it was neat looking
Plus it has tons of compartments (2 side snap compartments and a large middle zipped one - with cell phone pocket, card/ID pockets etc) Easy organization & lots of "hardware" on the front! LOL
Here's my Kathy... (see pics) I found one for sale on a site in purple... w/ the info on it...

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Product Consumer Rating: 9.67 out of 10

eBags Price: $62.00


</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR><TR><TD>Product Features:

• 17" top zip entry to a roomy main compartment large enough for all your daily essentials.

• 8" interior zip pocket.

• Interior cell phone / eyeglass drop pocket.

• Two 5" slide pockets for small items.

• Lined in Kathy Van Zeeland's signature jacquard satin.

• Satchel handles measure 23" long and have a drop of 9" from the top of the straps to the top of the bag.

• Side exterior compartments with magnetic snap closures.

• Polished silver hardware.

• 5" front zip pocket.

• Includes a coordinating Kathy Van Zeeland keychain.

• Soft Leather-like PVC

• Size: 6" x 13" x 6"

• Warranty: 30 days against manufacturer's defects


Originally Posted by keaLoha Quality's ok for the price, but if I bought 5 of those, I could get a nice Kooba.
I got mine at TJ Maxx I think for like $20-25
Got a lot of use out if though... and still has a lot more life to it... I'm a bag person - so I have a ton of black bags! LOL (Finally bought a light blue & white one though! LOL)

That one's really cute Janelle! I've only seen a few of her things IRL, but didn't care for the styles.
Girl, you gotta break the black bag syndrome.
I've gotten into color & it's so much fun.
OMG, that's cute. I'm not feeling the faux fur thing, but that's one heck of a cute bag!

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