Pissed off at my Sedu

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Feb 18, 2007
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For some reason it doesnt get as hot as it did the first time I straightened it. I've only had it a few days! I tried to straighten my mess of curls about a half hour ago and it went over it barely left the hair feeling warm and still it was wavy. Didn't do crap for me. I put it on the highest, 4 hundred something so obviously it should be way hotter..I can remember it actually feel like I was burning my scalp. Im pissed off now because I was going to straighten my hair for christmas and have it look nice for once, and the damn thing wont go hot enough. I heard these pieces of crap have bad electric problems. Has anyone experienced this? Im even more pissed off cause I cant buy one near me, I ordered it online. And im going back to school soon so I know by the time they return it to me I will be in Canada. This ruined my Christmas eve

I'm sorry Mindy. I don't know the first thing about what you are talking about but I do know that when my hair won't do what I want it can put me in a pissy mood.

I'm sorry too... I agree with KellyB when hair doesn't cooperate it really can completly ruin your mood. I really dont know why your Sedu is being like that either, my mom ordered a Sedu straightener online and she's used it a couple times now and her hair is perfect everytime. Humm that really sucks. Did you let it sit awhile to see if it would warm up enough? And if its really not working for you, if you ordered from Folica I know you can send it back if it hasn't been 30 days and maybe they can send you a different one, or maybe try a CHI or something they are really good too.

i'm sorry. I have a T3 and my thing fries my hair and barely does a good job straightening. I want a GHD!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a good christmas anyway, i'm sure your hair will look fine regardless

it is mostlikely defective and the coils burnt out way before they should have.

that is what happened with my old hot tools.

your best bet is to either send it in for treatment and get it fixed if it is under warenty or just buy a new one

Aw, that sucks - and you were so excited over your flat iron!

Mines doesn't leave it straight for nothing, but it's a cheapo brand and I didn't put it on high heat.. I'mma try my friend's flat iron and see if hers work... I think she has sedu.

Im sending it back for a new one..just dissapointing is all. Blah

Celly you gotta use the max heat for hair like ours or else it's shit. But it damages it. Sucks yea. But my hair looks a million times shinier/healthier even with damaging it haha..soo whatever.

Oh really? See - I'm just afraid to use high heat. Haha.

1. I don't like the smell of burnt hair.

2. I don't like the look of burnt hair.

...so yeah, I'mma do it tonight again and see if any changes. If not, I'll stick with my round conair blow dryer.

I have a Sedu and a T3 iron. I LOVE my Sedu... always hot, and I've had it for a little over a year.

Yours might be defective... so yeah, that's good your sending it back.

Celly, my hair doesnt look burnt when I use full heat I don't think..it looks dull when its curly and actually has some shine when I iron it.

Does anyone know how hot the CHI Nano Ceramic Flat Iron gets? I've been trying to find out online but can't seem to see it anywhere..?


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