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Sep 19, 2005
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hey galz..!!i'm looking for a very black liquid liner dat can gives that retro effects...currently i'm using maybelline waterproof liquid liner n sometimes i will alternate with Revlon liquid liner too.So far no complain but just looking out for better ones.. Any suggestion?I wudnt mind high ends or low ends..!

tia galz!

I'm using Maybelline waterproof eyeliner as well
If u want to make the black blacker, I suggest u add on black eyeshadow on top of the liquid linear. Makes the black blacker
But don't try the liquid liner from The Body Shop. I have that & the black's not a true black, but rather a greyish black.

Originally Posted by phoenix461 If available to you, you might want to try MAC Fluidlines in Blacktrack. I agree!
I learned about MAC Fluidlines from the ladies here. It is by far the best eyeliner I've ever used.

Hi! Welcome to MUT. I suggest Benefit BabeCake Liquid Liner. It is VERY Black. The set also comes with a beautiful, rich brown. You wet your brush and draw it on. It looks very classy and never smudges or flakes.

if you can find it id really recommend Urban Decays Cream eyeshadow in Gotham. Its really really black.its a wand tho can be used as an eyeliner, however if you're wanting to go for very precise lines i wouldnt use this stuff, its better for a more smudged look. good luck neways.


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