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Feb 12, 2005
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This Platinum Illuminator loose shimmer powder from the Estée Lauder Into the Night holiday collection is so incredibly gorgeous.

(We say that a lot about shimmer powders, don’t we? Because of this, you have every reason to not believe us, but we are NOT KIDDING.)

With tiny gold flecks so fine they practically melt into our skin, this shimmer powder makes every occasion special. We’ve been applying it to our shoulders and collarbone and fantasizing about dancing the night away at a trendy club wearing this dress—while, really, we’re sitting here ref-ing a fight between one girl that claims she didn’t take the eyeliner and another girl who claims she did. (Funny how a little tiff about eyeliner suddenly brings up every instance of injustice in their entire lives—causing an thunderous explosion of words that rivals a boatload of unhappy sailors.)


i saw this collection today, but it was all missing except for like a lipgloss and i think a nail polish or something.

i never saw the powder, which makes me sad.


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