Please can someone clarify something about this Mac brush roll forums

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Jul 4, 2005
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On Mac live chat, I was told it had two rows of 9 slots ... with a pouch at either side of the slots for misc items.

On Nordstrom live chat, i was told it had 18 slots all in one row ...

I'd appreciate if someone could clarify which one it is, as i would be ordering from on-line and can't tell. Many many thanks!

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I have actually bought a roll from the Mac store, and it has the two rows of 9 slots. I would prefer something like the one described by Nordstrom live chat. Is this actually available from Mac or was I just told wrong by Nordstrom? The only reason I think the one with 18 slots may be available, is because it looks slightly different to the one I have. Any clarification would be great!