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May 18, 2007
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my favorite one KMF Alpha & Aloe oil/fragrance free. It could be used on face or body and caused no clogs or irritation. Unfortunately, its discontinued. I think they are still going to make the small (4oz) version of it but it is vanilla frangrance. It might work ok, but I dont like fragranced stuff. I might just have to use it since all the other ingredients are the same ( i guess, I havent checked).

I like natural/organic products/ingredients. I feel like they are better for you.

I dont know what to look for next and I am scared to try something new. It was so perfect for me and everything I look for in a moisturizer. Plus a huge amount for the $. Help please...i know...i getting thanks though.

well i'm in love with my almond cream (normal to combo & sensitive skins) from Weleda.

i can also suggest Logona, Lavera, the french brands Cattier and Melvita. they are the cheapest organic brands.

I'm ALWAYS using Aveeno products. I'm positive you'll find a perfect moisturizer in that line.