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Aug 25, 2007
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I have suffered with this since I was a kid and its got worse as I get older. I have tried so many different skin products and am now just getting ready to give up. I dont know what it is that is causing my skin to be like this but its sooo annoying and looks nasty

I have an oily chin and nose, meaning I get quite a lot of spots in these areas. On the side of my face (right by my ears) though I have EXTREMELY dry and red skin. Its about an inch wide and runs from my hair line down my face and under my chin, along the top of my neck and back up the other side. Its slightly itchy and if I do any exercise (and wear myself out) it gos BRIGHT red and blotchy.

I cant use standard soap as it dries my skin out and makes it really itchy.

I have tried nivea sensitive range and various intensive moisture ranges. None help. They keep it just the same.

I have tried using clearisil type things for the spotty areas but they completely dry the whole area out and make it itchy. If I apply a moisterisor it gets really greasy!!

At the moment I am using a nivea sensitive wipe and toner on my greasy areas. I then use a deep moisterisor on my cheeks and under my chin.

I wouldnt mind doing this every day if it worked! But it doesnt!!!

Does anyone have any reccomendations for what I can use?

A good set of products that will actually help

Im at a loss, Im 20 now and have had this since I was a child. Ive been told by doctors I just have sensitive skin, but I dont want bright red strips down the side of my face. I dont have any nice photos of myself due to this
And Id like to have just a few of me and my partner

Any help really welcomed!!!!!!!

have you tried natural and organice skin care? maybe the chemicals in store bought products are just too much for your skin.

Have you tried seeing a Dermatologist and asking what they would recommend? I know The Body Shop sells an Aloe Vera skin care line which is supposed to be good for sensitive skin. Saja could be right also. Maybe it's the dyes and chemicals in the products you're using.


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