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Jul 1, 2007
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I know that there are a lot of topics about the brushesh, but this is different.

I found an ideal brush for my MMU, it's sephora no. 2 powder brush. I love the size, density - however it's not syntetic, and it's not so soft as I would like it to be.

I found a syntetic brush during the Aubrey Nicole free shipping promotion, and I was sure that the long handled kabuki was just like my sephora. I was really disappointed when I got the package, the brush is much much smaller then I expected and the density of this brush also sucks. I do not like it and I paid for it twice as much as for a spehora brush.

I looked at the lumere site and their long handled kabuki looks just like my spehora brush, however I do not want to order it, while I remember the disapoitment with the AN brush.

So maybe one of you have an idea where to find sythetic version of the sephora no. 2 powder brush ??

I can't find a No. 2 Powder Brush on the Sephora website. Can you post a picture of it?

The long handle Kabuki from AN is a kabuki on a long handle. It wouldn't be the same as a powder brush. Powder brushes are large and fluffy. Kabukis are much smaller and dense.

Hope this helps!

That's a shame. I love that long handled kabuki from AN and I actually use it like a powder brush. I find the bristles are a bit looser than the premium kabuki. Hope you find what you like soon.

Sephora: Sephora #44 Bronzer Brush: Cheeks

My sephora brush is just as the one in the link, however this one is called bronzer brush.

When I come back home I'll make some pictures to compare the AN brush and the sephora one.

It's not a typical pwder brush, it has a thick handle and is very dense, it's really great for the mineral makeup.

I saw that lumiere is similar howeve after my experience with AN brush which also seemed to be similar, I do not want to order this one.

Is any of you using lumiere long kabuki ???

Ok So finaly I had a chnace to make photos of my brushes.

Here are my two sephora no. 2 brushes

The first one is more used, so it looks differently to the other one which is nealry brand new.

Now the photo so you could compare the AN brush with my sephora brush.

Do you think that lumier kabuki would be good for me ?? I know I have to change the brush, cos I think most of my problems with MMU is due to the brush. I need something sythetic and very similar to my sephora brush.

I am pretty sure the Lumiere brush is a little smaller than the Aubrey Nicole. I have seen pics on someone's blog online compairing the two.

Photo: FFPowdervsLumi-1 - Moosie’s Blog on Vox

Not sure if the link will work, but I am pretty sure the /aubrey Nicole brush and the Forever Female one are the same. The smaller one is the Lumiere. (Thank you, Moosie for the great pic!)

jward, thank you for that link - it really seems that lumiere is not what I look for. This is sad, while I was counting to find something syntetic.

Sephora is good for MMU, but the bristles are very hard and they hurt my face. Synthetic brushes just have this wonderful feel on face. I really love to use them, I just wish they could be bigger and more dense.


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