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Apr 21, 2007
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Ok so I've used paypal dozens of times but my mother and I always shared an account. So since I don't live at home anymore and it's too hard to put money into her bank account and stuff I just made my own pay-pal to use with my debit card, except I can't frickin figure out how. I'm really trying to make a payment tonight, the money's in the bank. But I don't see a "debit card" option and if I choose visa, which is what KIND of debit card it is and then type in the card number, verification number, etc it says "the credit card company has denied the credit card" but it's not a frickin credit card it's a debit card. Any suggestions?

I put my debit card in as a credit card and have used it dozens of times. I know that wasn't helpful but maybe you can email their support.


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