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Oct 12, 2006
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I need your help and advise here girls! Is it possible to have oily & dry this combination skin??

Over the last year or so im struggling to find a foundation that will last all day. Im kinda getting on ok with EL DW but still my face turns to an oil slick by midday!

But also after midday even though my face looks me underneath it feels so dry. I feel like i just want to take all my make up off and slather my face in moisturiser!

I use a moisturiser every morning and also a matte make up base.

Should i be having a facial done? Who can i go to to ask what products i should be using? All the girls in my office have perfect make up all day....and im lil miss shiny with no make up on by lunch! Im at my wits end...sorry if similar has been posted before...i couldnt find anything when i searched.

L x

Thanks for trying to do a search first! I wish more people would try that! lol.... Anyway, yes, it sounds like you have combination skin. If you're unsure what to use you may want to talk to a Dermatologist and ask their suggestions. Is your moisturizer oil -free? There are many foundations out there made for long wear. You should also use a good primer. But..those are topics for the MakeUp forum!

No i dont think my moisturiser is oil free. I have tried a few designed for oily skin but they didnt help at all.

Im just wondering has anyone any recommendations of a good oil free moisturiser?

i've been testing prescriptives oil free moisturizer "all you need". it's very good and i think i'll be purchasing some when i'm done with my sample. it has been helping with my midday oily shine quite a bit.

Thanks for the reccommendations. Much appreciated