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My skin is tricky to match (approximately NC20 at MAC), so I've been experimenting a lot lately. Most recently: MAC's Hyper Real SPF 15 is cool because it is pearlescent, so it gives a definite glow. It really needs to be blended in, so your skin doesn't look too shiny. It's a good evening foundation, if you want that extra sparkle. I've been finding MAC's foundation to be very heavy, so I think I'm going to explore some more. I've had good experiences with Neutrogena's Skin Clearing liquid make-up, but I think I'm going to give BE a try (after hearing everyone here at MUT talk about it so much).

Onward! Thus continues my search for the holy grail...

I'm still looking for my holy grail. I wish I knew the secret to the beatiful complexion that I see on some women. I was wondering if I should try Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown foundations next. I really liked Laura Mercier compact makeup but I haven't tried the foundation other than the tinted moisturizer which is nice.

I'm switching between 2 that I really like... Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation & Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. They are so good that I haven't been looking for any replacements! And for me ... that is a rare thing! LOL

the search finally came to an end in early 2004 when i found two by Armani that are perfect--Luminous Silk Foundation & Matte Silk Foundation.

well I use YARDLEY liquid foundation , its too light weighted and has glowing effect. it has not heavy cosmetic effect on face. And after washing your face u'll feel it vey fresh on your face.A Natural look.

I have fallen in LOVE with Shiseido foundations!

They have 3 great formulas, and none of them clog my pores.

Living in an area like Seattle, I have to switch my foundations when I switch my moisturizers as the seasons change.

Right now I'm using the Cream Foundation, and it feels so good on my skin! It's hydrating, yet feels lightweight. It has a nice sheer to medium coverage, but doesn't look cakey at all. It blends right in.

During the Summer, I'll probably switch to the Fluid foundation, which is lighter, and has a slight matte finish.

Their Stick foundation is also very nice & portable.

I have tricky fair olive skin that can be tough to match. I've been using O20. I'm NC25 in MAC.

I've found a few that I love, that may very well end up being HG status...

* Prescriptives Virtual Skin - This is probably a HG for me. I love it so much I bought a lighter shade for winter, and it's rare for me to like something that much, LOL! It's light coverage, but easily buidable to medium w/o looking cakey. It has a dewy finish, but I set with powder so that's no problem. It also lasts really well all day. Major rave for this one!

* Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse - Also love this! I know some people have complained that it broke them out, but I've had no problems. I've found I can get just about any kind of coverage I want from this, from sheer to full. It controls oil well, and lasts pretty much all day. I've been able to find a decent color match for both winter and summer.

* BE bareMineral Foundation - This is only the 2nd mineral line I've tried, but I've found no need to look any further. I can get good coverage, and though it's not the best oil controller, it honestly seems to look better as the day goes on. I think I love this so much because it looks so natural, plus my skin seems to love it as I've had no major breakouts since I'm started using it.

* Aromaleigh Pure Powder/Pure Cover - This was my HG, but it's been discontinued.
I'm using up my current jars, and then I will try their Voile and Glissade formulas which I've heard great things about. This also seems to help keep my skin clearer.

* Revlon Colorstay Natural Makeup - I'm on my 2nd bottle of this.... it's great! It's a medium to full coverage, soft matte finish, and literally lasts all day on my combo skin. I wear it when I know I'll be going from early morning til late at night.

I own more and like them, but those are the main ones in my stash that are heavily rotated.

In the last couple of months my naturally dry skin has became oily. I used to use CG smoothers foundation. But since I've aquired oily skin, I had to get a different foundation. I've been using Maybelline DMM for a while, and am loving it. It helps control oil really well and stays on all day!

I've been using L'Oreal's Mattique foundation, since I found a shade that matches my skin pretty well. (In some brands, the palest shade is still a bit dark on my pale skin!) It works pretty good but I'm still looking around. I may have to try Maybelline's DMM since I keep hearing a lot about it! (However the last oil-control product by Maybelline that I tried, their Shine-Free foundation line, worked fine on my oily skin but made my dry skin super dry and peely, I've never had a makeup dry out my skin like that! So I am also a little worried about trying the DMM!)


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