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May 22, 2006
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Okay. For the new year, I want to stop saying so many negitive things. Any tips on how to not find the worst in everything?

Being around people who DO find the worst in everything made me realize how unbecoming it is and how I dont want to come off that way. It was kind of like looking in a mirror. So now I TRY to find positives in most things. I made a pro and con list and focus on the pros.

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Hmmmmmm..... that's a tough one....... I'm a pretty positive person and don't let anything get me down. And have never thouht about how I keep positive attitude....

every morning i wake up and say.. i wake up to make money.. that solves my finacial problems.

then i say i wake up to be happy or its a great day today.. and usually when i say things like that and feel happy my da usually goes great..

earlier this year i made a vision board and in the upper left corner i put scenery of the canadian wilderness and i found myself looking in that area the most.. come april i moved out west for a month and LOVE how beautiful it was.. then every day after i left work i had an amazing view of a mountain and told everyone im goin to watch that glacier fall and im gonna go home.. well low and behold on a fri afternoon sittin outside having a coupld of beers..

i witnessed an avalanche on that mountain!!! I WAS AMAZED.. 4 days later i ended up packing up my things stayed in calgary for a couple of days on my BDAY weekend then bought a ticket home came back in time for my bday and my 3 year anni with my love..

so i hope my story inspires you and everytime u think something isnt goin right.. thats because ur telling yourself that it isnt so it wont happen..

but thinking and feeling happy and happy thought (i know it sounds corney but really) u need to feel happy thoughts in order to be happy.. think of someone u love that gives u the butterflies and think of what u want in life.. or sing a song that makes u happy..

let me know how u feel when u do that.. u never feel bad or negative.. right!!??

hope u guys like this lil story!!

It sounds a little trite, but I always try to focus on the positive aspects of the situation: when you stuck behind a car accident, be grateful that you weren't in an accident yourself...when you have seven loads of laundry to wash, be grateful that you have so many beautiful clothes and that you have a washer and dryer and don't have to wash them by hand. Little things like that.

Surrounding yourself with beauty, true beauty, not magazine beauty, but things that make you happy, things that remind you of the miracles of life, instead of the downfalls and dark sides of life.

I tend to be attracted to the dark side, but I can counterbalance it fine, although I must say, I sometimes need a Fawlty Towers or Eddie Izzard video to pull me out
a person can reflect and brood too much.

I don't know what those negative things are that you speak of, but find a way to outnumber it with positivity, that sounds rather obvious doesn't it, but give it a try...

Also get rid of "friends" who make you feel bad or have a bad influence on how you feel, some people are vampires and are capable of draining you.

Originally Posted by Babette Pardoux /img/forum/go_quote.gif Also get rid of "friends" who make you feel bad or have a bad influence on how you feel, some people are vampires and are capable of draining you. That's so true...the people we surround ourselves with have a much bigger influence on us than we realize.
I need advice on this too so I know how you feel! I like everyone's advice so far.

lol about that one of my uni friends took a yoga class this year, and his teacher said, before going to bed, think of 3 positive things that happened today.

lol i must say lately it was more "soon we'll be on holidays", "ok, only one more exam", "only one more tutorial to work". but surprisingly it helps.

i also gorge myself of tea, usually that calms me down and makes me think more positively.

Some great replies from people! I'm not the greatest at this myself sometimes I admit! People have called me on it actually! It's hard, but like a couple others have mentioned I do try to remind myself of what I have to be grateful for. It's corny, but it does make a difference! Like..if I'm *****ing about my job, I remind myself to be grateful I have a job and it pays pretty well. Or if I'm *****ing about my mortgage I remind myself I am able to own my own home. Or if my daughter is getting on my nerves, I remind myself how long I went thinking I would never have a child and how many people try and are not able!

If nothing else, I tell myself..no one likes an ingrate! LOL!

Don't try so hard. It's actually a trick. The more you think about staying poisitive, the harder it is.

I will read books about Positive Thinking. Right now I am reading The Secret.

Maybe we can start a Book Recommendation Sticky on this?

There are a lot of good ideas here. I tend to be a positive person, but can quickly get bogged down when in the company of negative people.

Good advice so far! I need to work on being more positive too, I tend to complain way too much, even when I'm not feeling too bad I tend to complain and I'm sure it's annoying to others.

Its very easy to be negative. More so than postive, surprisingly enough! Sometimes faking it until you get it works

I find my hubby complains A lot! I find it hard to be around and never really noticed how much I whined until I really took a look at myself. It takes a lot of work but I try , everyday, to be positive. You will surprised at how many nice things happen to you if you think positive. ( Not trying to sound corny )


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