Power Foods Beneficial for Anti-Aging

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Nov 30, 2011
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I was reading an article on this topic and I always think its a nice reminder for us ladies that try to eat well... and fight the signs of aging at the same time! So next time you choose something to snack on, try one of the below rather than junk food!

Enjoy : )



Green Vegetables



Green Tea

Red Wine



Dark Chocolate

I agree with you, Green Tea is great for our skin.

You may be surprised that something as simple as green tea can become a powerful natural ally in your skin care routine. But it really can, and here's why.

We all know that drinking several cups of green tea a day can help reduce your risk factor of developing many degenerative diseases -- diseases associated with the aging process.

But few of us give green tea much thought as an aid for skin care treatments! That's a mistake, and here's why!

First, green tea contains potent antioxidants. These substances help battle "free radicals" in your system, which are responsible for the aging process. But antioxidants also contain antiseptic qualities, anti-inflammatory abilities, and the capability of fighting viral and fungal infections.

Green tea can do even more than that as part of a homemade skin care remedy. Just look at the following health, beauty, and skin
care benefits of green tea:

Lowers your risk of acquiring
rheumatoid arthritis
Heals minor cuts, rashes,
spots, and other blemishes
Reduces acne
Provides a youthful appearance
Treats sunburn
Slows the signs of aging


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