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Practicing Gratitude

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Apr 20, 2004
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"People who practice gratitude are more compassionate, less materialistic, and more satisfied with life"

Gratitude Tips by Joan Borysenko

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Teach your kids.

If you have children, giving thanks before bedtime can be a delightful ritual that helps develop a healthy and loving attitude toward life.

Appreciate people.

Make it an everyday practice. Tell them what a good job they do, how kind they are, or how nice they lookas long as it's absolutely true.

Put it in a letter.

Write to a person who made a difference in your life this year. Be specific about how and why their action enriched your life.

Give thanks.

This Thanksgiving, give each person at your holiday gathering the chance to tell the others what they are particularly grateful for this year. The window this provides into the good hearts of others is priceless. It's what Thanksgiving is all about.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!