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Jan 18, 2004
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If there is one things all us girls have here on the board it's that we have all had a period at some time in our lifes. I have always really suffered at this time and i would love some idea's on how to make this time easier. I tend to get very bloated and my boobs go up at least 2 sizes. I have terrible cramps and sometimes cant even walk as the pain is so bad. I always get a migrane and pain in my eye 2 days before i actually have my period,which goes away shortly after it starts. I know many people have a 28 day month,but i am on a 21 day cycle which means i only feel well for 2 weeks out of the month before symptoms come back. This might sound strange but i can even feel which ovary the egg is popping out of, horrible but true. I have tried evening primrose oil for my extremly sensitve and painful breasts which get so painful when i use any arm to push something or the pectorial muscel gets used its agony! I have had a combination of problems relating to this time of the month and am sure their must be something helpful out there.

I have hot baths and take some suppliments. Thanks in advance girls.

I live by my Excedrin migraine pills for everything. They are like a super aspirin - work well for headaches and cramps... always have a full bottle at all times! LOL

Oh gosh Candy, you described just about what I go through every month. I get the migraines and really bad cramps, even get terrible pain in my lower back, I had back labor with both my kids so I always wondered if the back problems I get now are related, it feels just like it did then. I have been taking a drug called Naproxen for the cramps and back pain, it helps most of the time, I would be lost without my heating pad though. For Migraines I have been taking Fiorinal for several years, the generic name is Butalbital, I've tried just about every migraine drug out there but this one is the only one that helps me, they make it with codeine but I take it without it since codeine makes me sick, the medice in it called Butalbital is a barbituate so you may have a hard time finding a Dr. where you are to prescribe it, It must not be real strong though since I have never felt woozy are anything when I take it, just gets rid of the pain. My Mom used to have a lot of problems too, after she went through menopause she never had another headache again, guess thats at least something to look forward too
. Hope you find something that will give you some relief.
Sorry to hear that you get such terrible symptoms. My body must not be working right because I get hardly any symptoms. A little headache and upset stomach. I wish my boobs would go up in size cuz I really need improvement in that area.
My cycle used to be all over the place and I would get lower back pain but ever since I've taken Ortho-Tri cycle birth control pills my periods have been ok with very little symptoms although they have never been bad really. My mom used to use Bee Pollen supplements to easy her symptoms. She said that they work good.

God Candy & i thought i had it bad.. I suffer from cramps & migraines but nowhere near as much as you get it. I don't take anything except i love going to bed with a hot water bottle to ease the cramps.

I feel for you Candy, I useto get really sick before I had my daughter and then poof after I gave birth my periods werent that bad. Although my moodiness never goes away around that time, so what I do is watch my diet and cut down on caffeine. Motrin has always been a good friend of mine as well. Good luck to you.

Please check out this web site,, you can register for free, do a search for anything about all your questions & I guarantee you'll more info than you'd believe if I told you.

Good for you! I'm glad you found an alternative way and it's working for you.

Thanks everyone for your helpful advice, You are all gems! I will check out that website GRE8FISH.

Hi Candy!

I can totally relate, as I have periods from hell, too. I've been on birth control pills since I was 15 to help with it. I have endometriosis, so the BCP helps to keep it from spreading. Even with BCP, my periods are so horrible that by doctor's orders I only have 2-3 periods a year. I actually have not had one since July, and will be having one this month. I want to crawl in a hole just thinking about it. UGH!

I've tried many a prescription med, and I actually find that 4 ibuprofen every 4 hours works best for me. I've used the Naproxen that Harleymom mentioned, but it was like popping candy. No effect whatsoever.

The heating pad is also my best friend.

I feel your pain; I just wish there was more that could be done about it.

Candy, i'm sorry to hear you have such dreadful periods. i only have pain in my lower back & legs, but it's nothing like what you endure.

i found that drinking hot water & lemon work as well as Aleve. don't know if it's available in the UK, but once i feel the pain coming on, i pop one tablet & i can survive.


Hi FiestyFemale and Kealoha,

Thanks for your encouraging words. FiestyFemale, i am sorry that you have such a hard time with your periods.I'me glad you have found something to help. It's strange how some woman have no problems and other woman do. Sometimes i wonder if it's because of hormones or not having kiddiewinkles. Thankfully there are a lot of things available such as suppliments and heat pads. Personally i have always been reluctant to go on the pill becuase of side effects etc. Ive heard there are injections women can get to stop the menstarl cycle,but i am unsure of side effects etc. Looks like i will have to do some research into this subject. I went to see a Chinese Dr of TCM the other day, and i told the lady all my symptoms, she gave me some tablets to take based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC),which has been used as a comprehensive system with it's own principle and methods for over 4000 years. I am also thinking of trying a course of acupuncture to balance the Qi.

When i had my consultation with the very kind lady i felt i could talk to her. She had such a kind gentle nature. I have a lot of faith in her.

I will let you know in a few months how things have gone.Mabe someone reading this who has an awful time of the month, might think about trying this more holistic approach. The lady told me the more bitter the herb,better the effect.Thank again everyone for you suggesstions. I will be getting a heat pad too.

I haven't thought twice about going on the pill... according to my doctor, I could actually not even have another period until I decide to have children. The BCP keeps the lining of the uterus from building up, so technically I could go forever without having a period. However, since there have been no studies done on people who've taken them longer than 3-4 months at a time, my gyno told me to have one 2-3 times per year. When I have one later this month, that will be my third time. Definitely dreading it.

I'd love to hear how the pills the Chinese Dr gave you work. At this point, I'm willing to try most anything.

Yes FiestyFemale, i will let you know. Thanks for your concern. Hope you get your problem sorted. Ive heard that women can take the pill safley for quite a while. Younger women can take it for years, but when you get to 35 you have to think about another type of pill. (according to what ive read).