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Dec 4, 2005
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I have a run of the mill sinus infection and the doctor prescribed me a generic antibiotic. I went to pick it up and it was $45! I chose not to get it filled. That is outrageous for a generic to be that much. My name brand anti-histamine is only $20. So I called the doctor and spoke to the nurse and they told me it should be in the lower tier and only $10 or so and that they would call me back. They never did. Guess I will just have to suffer it out. I understand prescriptions are expensive but $45 for a generic with insurance. That is complete BS!

Sorry just had to rant, not feeling good, it being a Monday and this. I just had to have a release.

Yep. I went to the dermatologist and paid over 150 WITH insurance. I didn't get generic though. They charged me $30 just for ordering the original. Total cost of one cream $80. But w/e it's worth it, my skin is pretty.

I'm a Hospice Nurse and needless to say we have a ton of patients on Oxycontin. It's extended release morphine. The company who manufactures it states it went generic too soon and by the end of the year or early next year we will probably have to take all of our patients off of it. We won't be able to afford to provide them meds if we have to pay full cost. I don't know whats gonna happen but it makes me sick to think about it.

I would call the Dr. back and insist on something different. It sounds like it's not on your Rx plan formulary and that's why it's $45. Hope you feel better.

When we switched to Highmark Keystone Blue HMO through work, all perscriptions dropped to $5 for generics and $15 for brand names.... Saved us a ton of money so far and if you have access to a flex spending account, then you don't have to pay income taxes on that money you use for helath care... which knocks off another 25 - 30%......

oh my, I guess our health system rocks...for most meds you only have to pay the prescription cost (which is like $5), the actual medication is covered by your insuance. And 99% of the population in Austria has health insurance

I would so NOT pay $45 for an antibiotic. That´s just insane

Have you tried filling it at Walmart? A LOT of prescriptions are only $4 there, with or without insurance which includes a bunch of different antibiotics. If they don't include what the doc prescribed you, get a list of the ones they sell for $4, call your doctor back and tell him you need one on that list. That will save you a bunch of money. HTH!

Do you by chance have a Publix? They have a free antibiotic program here that we just used. I think they want to get more prescription business, but it helped out a lot. We had 3 to get filled. It would have been a ton of money even with our insurance through my dh's work. It sucks that we pay so much and it hardly covers necessities.

I don't have a Publix. I usually fill my prescriptions at Medicap because they are friendlier and have a less than 10 minute wait. Walmart and Walgrees have taken me 1 to 1 1/2 hours to get a rx filled. The doctor called in a new prescription for me for cefaclor. Only $10 way better than $45. I think the original one was called cefcix or something like that. Or maybe cefproxil. Something odd. I just find it bad that I work for a huge corporation that makes tons of money and they have such crappy rx insurance. Oh well at least I have it.

I will have to look into getting my antibiotics filled at Walmart.


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