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Nov 29, 2004
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I always used pressed shadows until a few months ago. The few times I had used loose shadows, I found them kinda messy. Then I got into BE and now I only like using their loose shadows. I feel like I don't the same pigmentation with other shadows. What do y'all prefer?

Doesn't matter to me as long as the colors are pretty.

I definetly use pressed shadows more & i prefer them coz i can control them better. I remember an episode with a MAC pigment and more of it ended on my face than my eyelids!

yeah - the loose shadows end up more on the bathroom counter than on my eyes! I like the creams now a lot... so i'd have to say cream and pressed shadows are my favorites!

i'm the same way. pressed & cream shadows b/c loose ends up everywhere but my lids.

I like pressed shadows a lot better! The only time I will touch something loose if it is a MAC pigment, a Jane radiation, or a Bonne Bell shimmer powder. These all work so well blended among each other, I have come up with some awesome colors
I just haven't had good luck with anything else loose.

I actually like to use cream shadow with loose powders dusted on top. I've been too lazy to do that these days, so I just get out my pressed powders early in the morning before work or school. Seems faster!

Definitely pressed powders. The loose is too messy and harder to blend. And I like the cream shadows for the moisturizerization.


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