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Nov 27, 2006
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I know there are tons of tuts about pressing pigments, out there in MUT land but I tried 2x to press my recent haul of 24 different NYX piggies, the type in the small vial with black cap. I just cant get them to stay together I'm using I am using 70% alcohol if that makes a diff and I press them not when they are completely dry but not sopping wet.

If any one has tried and succeded to press NYX pigges please let me know what I'm doing wrong. Or can they just not be pressed?

The vials that they come in are so small that it is a pain in the neck to use.

Thanx in advance!

Some pigments are not meant to be pressed I believe. I havent tried the NYX pigments but i tried to do it with BE pigments and although they dry solid they shatter easily. I press both MAC and BE piggies and the mac pressed pigments stay in tact even when i throw it in my train case. The BE ones all shattered.

I dont actually press them either i just put alcohol in the pan and let the pigment get creamy, i tap it on the table so the pigments settle in the pan evenly and thats about it.

How about putting them in those paint by number paint jars or like a pill case? I think thats what some people use for their mmu samples.

There is some great stuff available from either Fyrinnae or Meow cosmetics (both mineral makeup companies) that is meant for turning eyeshadow to liner, but works brilliantly as a pressing medium. Maybe try that?



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