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Jun 25, 2012
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Acne is most common skin disorder all over the world. People use different types of treatment to cure it. Over the counter medicines, prescription medicines and home remedies are used to treat acne. Every treatment does not work for everyone. Normally after getting proper treatment many people get rid of acne albeit partially. To find the best acne treatment that suits your needs you have to be patient with the treatment that your undergoing. â€¢ To prevent future breakout concern many people after curing acne. There are many measures that you can take to prevent acne breakouts which are following:• First and most important thing is cleansing. Plus wash your face twice a day everyday. Avoid using soap as soap can dry your skin. Use good oil control face wash as excess oil cause to aggravate acne.• After cleansing your skin use salicylic acid (2%) or benzoyl peroxide (5%). They have anti bacterial qualities and remove acne bacteria’s from the skin. It does not only remove acne but it prevents future breakouts. â€¢ Before going outside use sun block lotion, Ultraviolet lights of sun are very dangerous and damage skin. â€¢ Another most important thing is squeezing and popping pimples. Don't ever squeeze your acne as it aggravates your skin condition and cause more acne. It does not remove your pimple in fact it can worsen your skin condition.• Make up is another cause of acne so remove makeup before going to bed. Use only non-comedogenic make up products as it prevents oil production.• Drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water daily, it prevents your skin from dehydration. Water is not only good for your skin but it is necessary for healthy body.• Do not stresses out as it cause acne as well? There are many doubts about this theory. It is said that stress produces toxic elements in the body which causes acne. To avoid stress, take plenty of sleep and do exercise daily. Take shower immediately after exercise.All the above skin care tips are very helpful in preventing acne breakouts. By changing your life style and by making routine of following all these tips will help you in preventing acne


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