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Feb 12, 2013
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Hey Ya'll! 

I am looking for an oil free, high SPF, primer that also helps to make your makeup last longer. 

The more reasonable the better. :p

Any suggestions?


I have a Dr. Jart BB cream that I got from Sephora that has SPF 45 in it.  Maybe that could work for you?  I also am someone who is always looking for SPF because I burn very easily and this is the best I have found at this time.

I use the Neutrogena ultrasheer LIQUID SPF:

Don't get the one that doesn't say liquid - those are almost cream-like, and don't sink in. The liquid version has to be shaken up, but applies very thing and in completely absorbed like water. No film or light and easy.

If/when I can find it for cheap, I also use Shiseido's Urban Enviroment Oil Free UV Protector.  This also needs to be shaken up:

Applies just like the Neutrogena. 

I don't know if it improves makeup hold on the skin, but I use it before putting on my Revlon Colorstay, and don't think it affect the staying power of the foundation. You should be able to find the Neutrogena at Target  for about $11.

I've mentioned this primer many times in the past and am about to mention it again :) Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive is a killer primer that most people have never heard of. It bot only extends the wear time of your makeup, it provides additional sun block under your sun block or foundation due to the fact that it has titanium dioxide in it. It xontrols oil breakthrough phenomenally as well, and can also be usrd as a lid primer for those with really oily lids who are prone to creasing. The other plus to this product is that it cam be patted on over foundation & other makeup to instantly blot oil breakthrough, making blotting powder completely obsolete & unnecessary. The aloe vera base it's made in is also really soothing to the skin, and 100% silicone free. It also makes pores appear smaller immediately after application. Amazing stuff. Lastly, most women are not aware of the fact that there is a huge difference between physical barrier sun blocks & chemical barrier sun blocks. Read your ingredients labels carefully. Chemical barrier sun blocks can and do actually sensitize the skin to the sun, making them a poor choice. I've had several friends already get fried using foundations with chemical sun blocks this year & then coming to me after asking for sun burn salves. The best active ingredients for sun block in your foundation, primer, moisturizer and sun screen are zinc oxide & titanium dioxide. Nothing else. They are very gentle, even for babies, extremely effective and totally non toxic. I've only found 2 brands this year that are free of chemical barrier sun blocks. One is made by Jouviance - a Canadian company - with 30 SPF. The other is made by Clarins - their children's sun screen, which is a great deal & a better formula than their other blocks - with 50 SPF. Both ca be used on the face and body. I've got breakout prone, oily skin and all 3 of the products I mentioned in this post have never given me any kind of negative reaction. Jouviance is $40 for 1.7 oz/ 50ml, Clarins is around $35 for approximately 4 ounces (might be more, forgot and left it in my car so I can't check right now), and the NF primer is made in the US & approximately $25 for 1/2 an ounce. It does go far, however. And it doesn't leave any white or ashy cast on the skin. Works spectacularly on bare skin days as well. And FYI all products such as these should be shaken before use, excluding the primer I mentioned - which is in a jar & a thicker consistency. The active ingredients can settle after sitting on the shelf for a while, leaving you with less sun protection. And mentioning less sun protection, look for a product that is well above 30 SPF. I'm not super pale, although I am Caucasian, and I got fried & blistered in May during our holiday on a day that it was only about 20° celsius outside, and I was wearing my 30 block. Since then I've either been wearing the primer I mentioned under my 30 block - which has worked great even on hotter days, or my 50 block. I've avoided getting burned since then. Please excuse the typos.....psychotic spellchecker on my S4 is making me crazy.....

I use Caudalie Divine Oil as a foundation primer, but that doesn't have any SPF. 


Some suggestions:

Smashbox PHoto Finish foundation primer with SPF 15

Mary Kay foundation primer SPF 15

And if you're looking for a 'drugstore brand' Physicians Formula makes a great primer with SPF in it. 


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